A Woodland Dog Walk in Oak Wood Annesley Woodhouse Nottingham


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The secret ancient woodland dog walk 10 minutes off junction 27 of the M1, just a few miles away from Mansfield off the A611, you would never know it was there as you fly past.

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Forest Road
Annesley Woodhouse

NG17 9JA
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The secret woodland dog walk 10 minutes off junction 27 of the M1, just a few miles away from Mansfield off the A611, you would never know it was there as you fly past. There are no signs to show you where to get in to this in to this dog walk, a wooded doggy paradise, with long grasses and trees of all kind of shapes and sizes. All providing multiple different habitats, for various different sorts of small mammals, birds and insects. 

This is an ancient wood - the bridleway and footpaths in this area are displayed on maps as far back as 1817!

This dog walk is in oasis of green, it is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of central Nottingham, as you walk through the newer planted area, where the trees vary in age from about 8 – 10 years, and head towards the big majestic mature woodland, all you can hear is the grasses rustling when the dogs bound through it. This little gem of a dog walk is somewhere you can stop with your dog for a quick leg stretch or spend a happy hour strolling around enjoying the peace and quiet. The woods where this dog walk is are there to hide and buffer the noise from the industrial estate which is on the far side of the woods, boarded by a metal fence, there are some gaps which I saw that went out onto a car park. We also saw other walkers in the woods on foot wearing suits and other people out on bikes taking a cut through from the offices, as well as other dog walkers. We walked for about a hour and covered approximately 1.5 miles in a lap but you could walk more or less than is depending on what you and your dog felt like doing. 

This dog walk isn't one to get the whole family and the dog in to the car and drive to but if you are passing by or local to the area and you don't know it is there it is well worth finding it and spending a hour walking round with your dog.

During the Spring the whole woods become carpeted with a sea of bluebells, giving it the name 'The Bluebell Woods' locally. The woods really are beautiful during this time and if you are a flower lover it is well worth a visit.

Please be aware that there is a road which you can clearly hear on the far edge of the woods but there is no fencing and that there are pleople on bikes also using this beautiful space.

As always please respect the people who live locally, park legally and respectfully, keep your dog under control at all times, pick up after your dog, bin it, don't litter.

To everyones bitter disapointment this ancient wood has recently been aquired by Taylor Wimpey. Local comittee group ACCESS have requested a Tree Preservation Order for the complete wood and are in the process of compiling 'User Evidence Forms'  testifying to the use of the footpaths. We therefore ask, that if you do use these routes that you consider filling in a footpath claim form and help try and protect this beautiful and ancient wood. For more informaiton please call Peter Olko on 01623 759589 or email peter.olko@btclick.com


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