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Where to Walkies search helps you find the dog walk that is right for you, your dog, even your family, you can search for play grounds, refreshment as well as woodland walks. Where to Walkies are currently busy finalizing the details on many of the dog walks that we have walked and they will be uploading them daily. 

We would love to know how you have enjoyed your dog walk, feel free to comment and share your thoughts and photographs of your walks on our FaceBook page and follow us on Twitter we will be posting notice of the walks on our profiles as and when they go up on the Where to Walkies website. You can also check out our #TAGs at the bottom of the walks to find out any additional information and add it on any feedback on the dog walks that you have enjoyed.

Come back soon and check out as there are 100's of dog walks in different counties coming soon.

The Where to Walkies Team 

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Just in case your furry friend only likes going for walks where he can have a paddle, or you would prefer a woodland stroll please use our feature filter to find the right walk for both of you!