What to do when your Dog Cuts or Splits a Pad

Poor dog with split pads

Last weekend one of our walkers Aisha, a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix split open one of her pads while out walking; we can only assume that she caught it on something sharp while running. Lucky for Aisha, it was the pad above her ankle rather than a weight baring food pad so although sore she isn't limping.

As it happened on a Sunday we kept Aisha resting until we could get her to the vets on Monday morning. The vets gave us two options:??

  • stitch the pad back together
  • cut the loose bit of pad off

The first option required anaesthetic, was a longer and riskier surgery and might not work. The second option could be done under sedation, was quicker and easier and was less traumatic for the dog. We took option two.

Aisha was kept at the vets from 10am till 4pm and was still a bit wobbly when she got home with a bandaged leg and with a bucket on her head! The vets told us to keep her well rested (no walks for a while:) and not to let the bandage get wet (not easy as it has been a very wet week - every time she went outside to do her business we had to put a plastic bag on her foot which she hated).

We took her back to the vets for a checkup on Thursday and they decided to remove the bandage to let the wound breathe which Aisha is happy about, but she still has to wear the bucket on her head to stop her licking the wound and keep her leg well rested until it is healed (which could be a few weeks).

Aisha is also on a course of antibiotics and pain relief/anti-inflammatory medication. Not the best at taking tablets and syrups, Aish has been enjoying lots of sausages this week as it's the only way we can get her to swallow the tablets. Cut the sausage into 4 chunks and then cut a small slice in the side and push a quarter of the tablet into each chunk - esay peasy!

So our tips for a split/cut pad are:

  • ALWAYS seek vetinary advice. Until you can get them to the vet:
  • keep the dog rested
  • try to stop them from licking the wound
  • bandage the wound to keep it clean

Dog all better after split pads