Pick Up After Your Pooch

A Summer long campaign for 2013 supported by Derbyshire County Council, with posts, tweets and blogs about  pro's and con's, facts and figures, do's and don't all about Dog Poo in Derbyshire, and lots fo free group dog walks!

Full listing of dates and venues to be confirmed. 

To learn more about all of this LIKE https://www.facebook.com/WheretoWalkies.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/DerbyshireCountryside and follow us on twitter @WheretoWalkies and @DCC #PickUpAfterYourPooch

We will be at the park on the first weekend of the month to explore the park and to put up the Pick Up After Your Pooch stickers on to the poo bins and to meet all the other park uses, there will be a chance to win a years supply of dog poo bags on the day as well if you come and find us and answer the simple questions on Dog Poo of course!

The other way to winner win a year's supply of Poo Bags will be to have a guess of which Dog Poo Bin is LEAST USED on that park, to enter all you have to do is to decide which Dog Poo Bin is LEAST USED and have your picture taken with you using it, then post it on to the Where to Walkies page or the Derbyshire Countryside page and tag yourself and the other pages in on the photograph or Tweet it to @WheretoWalkies & @DCC #PickUpAfterYourPooch

  • The Pick Up After Your Pooch Poo Bin photograph competition closing date is the 25th of the month.
  • The winner will be announced on the 30th of that month on the Where to Walkies and Derbyshire Countryside Facebook pages. 
  • The winner will be the first person to correctly post/Tweet the picture of them binning their dogs poo bag in the dog poo bin that they think is least used in that park, see the photograph.

The winning bin will be decided by the Park Manager and will be in a sealed envelope not to be opened till the 30th when the winner will be announced.

We will then end the month with a FREE GROUP DOG WALK in that Derbyshire Park at end of each month.

Parks and Dates 2012

We have had to cancel 2012 dates but are currently planning a whole summer of Pick Up After Your Pooch Group Dog Walks.

Elvaston Castle, Saturday 2nd June (free group dog walk - Saturday 23rd June at 3pm, meet at the carpark next to the showground)

Shipley Park, Group Dog Walk Sunday 8th July 11am (free group dog walk - Sunday 22nd July at 3pm, Both meeting at the main car park, near the shop/cafe)

Grassmore, Saturday 4th August (free group dog walk - Sunday 26th August at 3pm, location TBC)

Poulton, Saturday 1st September (free group dog walk - Sunday 30th September at 3pm, location TBC)

Pleasley, Saturday 6th October (free group dog walk - Sunday 28th October at 3pm, location TBC)

We are very sorry that we haven't been able to complete 2012 campaign we would like to thank all of those who ot involved and joined us on the Pick Up After Our Pooch Walks!

Any questions please email the Where to Walkies team at hello@wheretowalkies.co.uk