Dogs and the Law Talk

Community Dog Talk

On 12th April 15 dog owners joined the Where to Walkies team at The Hilton House Hotel in Derbyshire for the first in the series of community dog talks.

Guests were invited to attend this FREE event to find out more about responsible dog ownership and the law surrounding it. Guest were also able to submit questions in advance ofr answering on the evening.

Some Legal Facts about Being a Dog Owner

As responsible dog owners it is good to know and understand the law around owning dogs. Your Rights and Responsibilties, in order to protect yourself as well as yours and others dogs. Find out more...

  • You should always have your dog on a lead when on a desigated road, it is an offence not to.?? You can be sent to prision and/or be banned from keeping dogs as a penalty
  • The local parish councils have the authority to make orders for standard offences including: 
    - failing to remove dog faeces
    - not keeping a dog on a lead
    - not putting and keeping a dog on the lead when directed to
    - premitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded
    - for taking more than a specified number of dogs on to land
  • It is illegal to take a found dog into your home without reporting it to the police first

The Where to Walkies team

Where to Walkies were supported on the night by our friends Bark Busters, Barking Mad and AloeFurAll.