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Dicky Bags

Dicky Bags

One of Where to Walkies favourite solutions to the having to carry full poo bags while out on a dog walk is the Dicky Bag, not only does it look wonderful, coming in 5 different sizes; from a cute little tiny one for the toy and small breeds going up to a extra large one for a big dog or the multi dog owner/walker. The Dicky Bag also is a wide range of colours and pattens, we especially like the new commemorative Union Jack Dicky Bag in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

All of the Dicky bags have a cute little poo bag storage area in there lid, so no more worries of where is a dog poo bag when you need one. The Dicky Bag is excellent quality, it is very well made with "Glued & blind stitched (strong airtight seam joint for Odour Prevention)" in a soft durable material "Bag structure is semi-ridged yet soft" which machine washable to keep it fresh and the best thing that we like about it is that it holds in the nasty wiffs while you walk you can even add a "Renewable fragrance disc".

The Dicky Bag has a excellent quality clip as well as a woven belt strap, so it can be attached to your belt, a bag or on to a ruck sack, it can even be safely placed inside a bag or handbag if needed.
The Dicky Bag isn't just for while out walking in the countryside it's for everyday use, imagine walking through town to a friends house with your dog and he goes on the pavement you not only have your dog poo bags but your Dicky Bag as well so you don't have to arrive at your friends with a full smelly bag.

The Dicky Bag isn't only making life not only easier but your walks more pleasurable knowing that you don't have carry that full poo bag and you never have to not have a poo bag to hand. If everyone had a Dicky Bag we would never have to see full dog poo bags hanging in trees or dumped in unsuitable places... in a perfect world!