We love dog walks

Hello, I’m Jennifer. Thanks for visiting Where to Walkies. Like you, I’m a dog lover and enjoy nothing more than taking my gorgeous sprockers, Paris and Troy, for long dog walk in the country. 

I launched Where to Walkies after struggling to find suitable places to walk my dogs while working away. I’d search the web, but what I really needed was local knowledge: which places were safe? Can I park there? Are there toilets? Do dogs have to stay on leads? And so on. 

That’s when I had my eureka moment and decided to create Where to Walkies, giving dog owners all the brilliantly valuable information they need to discover new and enjoyable walks. Paris and Troy have tried and tested all the walks submitted, to make sure they’re as accurate as possible.  

So get searching, let us know how you get on and submit the fantastic walks you think others might like. 

Happy walkies!

Jennifer, Paris and Troy x