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Walking your dog with the Ramblers

The Ramblers is Britain’s Walking Charity. It has more than 500 groups throughout the country and a network of more than 114,000 members.

The one thing that everyone has in common is that they like walking. And in more and more cases throughout the country, the Ramblers has recognised that walkers accompanied by their dogs are a new breed of member.

This is particularly the case in North Hertfordshire where one lady has been responsible for a fast-growing group of dog walkers.

Jenny Mason owns Tillie, a Jack Russell and Maisie, a border terrier. Together the three go on 52 organised walks a year throughout the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire countryside. They are regularly joined by upwards of 20 other walkers – some accompanied by their canine pals and some not.

The Ramblers has recognised the need for more of these groups and is hoping to encourage more dog walkers to try out this type of organised walk themselves. 

New members can join the Ramblers for just £3 a month (scheme starts on April 2, 2012) and this entitles you to attend any of 38,000 walks across the country.

There is no hard and fast policy regarding dogs going on Ramblers walks – this is generally at the discretion of the walk leader. However at all times the dog is the responsibility of the owner and must be kept under control and on a lead should walks go through areas where there are other animals. These guidelines are applicable at all times. 

For 76 years the Ramblers has worked to ensure that our country’s network of footpaths and open spaces is accessible to everyone. 

We hope that we can encourage more dog walkers to join us so that we can all continue to enjoy our Great British countryside. If you would like to set up your own Ramblers Dog Walking Group, then please use the contact details below for more information. 

To find out more about the dog walks or if you would like to join a walk in Hertfordshire click here, email Sam Newby-Ricci, Regional Membership Marketing on sam.newbyricci@ramblers.org.uk or follow Sam on twitter @Sam_Newbyricci

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